Daily Right-Wing Protests After Fury Against Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain

Pedro Sánchez, after proposing a controversial amnesty law, is suffering backlash from the community.

Pedro Sánchez, after the proposal of an amnesty, has been seeing protests across the country, the most violent of which in the capital, Madrid. An amnesty is a pardon given by a government for a group of people after a political offense. These protests seem to be because Sánchez is simply putting up this order to win the support of Catalan separatists.

Sánchez’s socialist party in Spain is a runner-up to the Popular Party (PP) and needs more people in order to win more seats in the Spanish Congress of Deputies. They can do this by winning over the support of the Catalan separatists, who have advocated for an amnesty for a while.

This, however, is controversial, and seems to people to be Sánchez’s plan for power, because he made it clear in an earlier statement that he deemed amnesty unconstitutional. Many see this, causing much anger and frustration from the public. The most violent protest was this Tuesday, with 7,000 people gathering around the Socialist Party Headquarters. 39 people were injured, 29 being police and 10 others demonstrators. Protests are happening on a daily basis.

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