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Summer with Family and Friends

8th Grade Student Submissions

A few cool things I did over the summer was that I went to San Felipe, in Mexico. When we went to get food at a restaurant downtown, it was crazy. Most of the parking spaces were occupied, there was traffic everywhere, and we went through all of that just to eat. Well, at least we had found a parking spot after all the traffic. We had some delicious food at the restaurant! Once, we finished eating we went to go back to our hotel.

 On our way back we noticed that it was more packed than it was earlier, it was nuts! Also, the hotel was exquisite, it was a big building, cut at an angle, it had pinkish-white marble as its vibrant color, and had great AC. It was so hot outside so it felt amazing going back into the hotel. We even had a nice balcony with an even better view of the sea! There were two pools nearby, one was pretty relaxing, and the other was filled with people. The ocean was very relaxing, the waves were great though the water was very salty. When the water got in my mouth it tasted horrible. I tried keeping my mouth closed but the water somehow managed to get in my mouth!

 We bought some floats from back in America and decided to bring them to Mexico, we blew them up, and we went to the pool where it was quite relaxing. We were there for only 5 days and I wished I could stay longer but overall it was a good trip. From there, we saw a variety of different moons. We saw a blood, yellow, super, buck, and blue moon, all at the same time! The moon had an orange-ish hue.

After the trip to San Felipe, we went camping with some of my parents’ friends near a beach close to Santa Cruz. When we had just arrived, my mom accidentally brought one very comfy camping chair. My sister, my dad, and I all liked the chair instead of the tent so we all wanted the chair. Good thing there was a Costco nearby, so my mom and her friend, Patricia, went there to get us a tent. After that drama, we went to the beach and my dad, my sister, and I  went into the water, and it was freezing! It was so cold that when I got out, my nails were a purplish color, so that’s why we only went in the water twice. We went somewhere called Capitola, where there were very colorful vibrant houses and my mom and Patricia took some photos of it. Also, Patricia had an idea to tell a scary story, which my sister was scared of, so Patricia told some stupid dad jokes to make her feel better. They did make her feel better but the jokes were so awful. 

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