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In & Out Burger Cookout
Makayla Myles April 3, 2024

In-N-Out is coming to our school for Eligible 6th & 7th Graders. From 1:19-3:15 pm  on the Honor Court Lawn & Covered Eating Area.

The Runaways

6th Grade Halloween Student Submission

Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Evans 

Grade 6

October, 21, 2023

Chapter 1: The Escape 

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Amaya Flanders.  Amaya was a selfish, cruel young lady. Her mother was widowed, yet was a kind and loving woman, but nevertheless, Amaya still hated her. 

Amaya lived in the town of Shelbyville and went to Pinecrest Middle School. She was hated for her nasty personality there.  However, she managed to make friends with two girls named Heather Smith and Georgina Brown, who were just as bitter as her.  

One day after school, Amaya’s mother came in with some terrible news. “Oh honey I’m so sorry,” she said. “I er- wasn’t able to sign you up for softball. All the teams were filled”.

“WHAT?!” Amaya shouted. “I’ve told you I’ve wanted to play for the past three days!” 

“Amaya, listen,” her mother told her calmly, but she didn’t want to hear it. 

“Heather and Georgina are already signed up! You want me to miss out?”

“Sugarbear, I’m so sorry. But maybe we could sign you up for something else. I heard that our town is having soccer tryouts.”

“FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, I HATE SOCCER!” Amaya yelled. “First you couldn’t get me the PlayStation, then I couldn’t get my pony, and now this!”

“Amaya,” her mother started. 


Her mother looked at her with sad eyes as Amaya shut her bedroom door.

A few hours later, dinner was ready. 

“Amaya I made your favorite! Tacos!” Her mother kept yelling at her but didn’t hear a sound. When she didn’t hear anything for five minutes, she went upstairs to Amaya’s room. 

There was no one there. To make matters worse, all of Amaya’s personal belongings were gone. 

“Amaya!” her mother shouted. She looked around and found a note on Amaya’s bed.


Dear Mom,

I’m leaving. I’m sick of this house and I’m sick of you.

Amaya Flanders


“No. NO!” While Amaya was a nasty child, Ms. Flanders loved her with all her heart. 

”Jeez, am I glad to be out of that hellhole,”  Amaya thought. She was headed for Heather’s house. Okay Amaya, let’s go over the plan one more time,” she said to herself. “First, I’ll grab Heather and Georgina. Then, we go find a motel. When we run low on money we can start a babysitting business or something like that. We can live together for the rest of our lives, and best of all we don’t have to go to school! Then, when we get older, we’ll buy an actual house, and live happily ever after!” On paper, it sounded like a good plan, but Amaya and her friends didn’t have a clue about what was going to happen next. 

Chapter 2: Gathering Heather and Georgina

Unfortunately for Mrs. Smith and quite the opposite for Amaya, Heather was having a hideous fight with her mother. 


¨I´m sorry hon-bun, but A, you have been acting so cruelly to your family for the past seven months, and B, we already have 20 lollipops left over from the trick-or-treater bowl. 20 lollipops is very generous for your dastardly behavior this year.¨

¨I DON´T CARE!¨ Heather shouted, and ran upstairs to her room, taking the lollipop bowl with her. 

¨Why, WHY was I given such a stupid mother!¨ Heather asked herself. 

Suddenly, she got a text on her phone. 

         Hi Heather! I’m running away from home and leaving my mom. Wanna join me?

‘’Running away from my parents and living with my friends?” Heather thought. “Yes please!”

Soon, Heather was packed and ready to go. She tiptoed to the front door, then made a run for it! 

“Yes, you made it!” Amaya said happily. 

“So what exactly is the plan anyway?” Heather asked. 

“We’re going to pick up Georgina, check into a motel, find a way to make money so we can pay rent, then move out when we are older and get a job! We don’t even have to go to school!”

“Sounds great!” Heather said. 

A little while later, they arrived at Georgina’s house. 

Amaya texted Georgina asking if she wanted to come, but she was hesitant.

Georgina did not want to be part of the friend group. She forced herself to pretend to be nasty because she thought Amaya and Heather were the coolest kids in the school, even though they were hated by their peers.  

Unfortunately, in the end, Georgina decided to leave. As she packed up her things she shed a few tears. 

She snuck outside to her backyard and jumped over the fence.

“There you are!” Heather said!

“What took you so long?” Amaya asked. 

“Nothing, I just had a lot of things I wanted to take”.

“Understood,” Amaya said.

Chapter 3: The Idk Shell Motel 

“Just wondering, how much money did you guys bring?” Amaya asked. 

“Just about $3000,” Heather said. 

“$2500 for me,” Georgina added.

“Nice, I brought about $3500. So, all together we have $9000. Not bad at all.”

“Anyway, I know this really good motel,” Heather said. “It has a big sign on the front that says Open to Children Runaways.” 

“Um, guys, isn’t that a little suspicious?¨ Georgina pointed out. “Maybe we should just go home.”
“Are you kidding?” Amaya said, confused. “We’ll be free! Free from school and our parents!”

¨O-okay then. How far is this motel anyway?¨ Georgina asked Heather.

¨Conveniently, it is about fifteen minutes away from here! But we’ll have to walk down an alleyway to get there. A little odd really, but it’s a hidden gem.¨ 

“How’d you find it anyway?” Amaya asked. 

“I used to live in that area, my neighbor and I were playing truth or dare at night. She dared me to go down the alleyway.”

“Gotcha,” Amaya said. 

Soon enough, they arrived at the Idk Shell Motel.

¨Heather, why is this place called I Don’t Know Shell Motel?¨ Amaya asked. 

¨Well,¨ Heather said as a matter of fact. ¨You know how we live in Shelbyville?¨

¨When the owner of this hotel, Morgana Johnson, was in high school, she had a huge crush on Sebastian Shelybville. However, Sebastian had no interest in her because she was mean to everybody, and he had his eyes on a girl named Lisa Campbell. Sebastian and Lisa later went to the same college together, and soon enough, they got married. Morgana was fuming! Because of her rage, she opened this motel and named it I Don´t Know Shell because she got her heart broken by him.¨
¨Wow. That is so sad,¨ Georgina said. 

“The “Shel” in Shelbyville has one l, not two,” Amaya muttered. “Anyways, I’m so tired, let’s go inside.”

The trio walked up to the counter. A middle-aged woman in a scarlet dress looked down at them. 

“Hi, we’d like an affordable yet comfy room,” Amaya said. 

“Why have I got the place for you!” the woman replied. “It will cost you $90 a night.”

“That’s great!” Heather said. “We have $9000, so we could last a little less than 100 days, since we need to buy food and water.”

“Uh, isn’t that a little pricey?” Georgina said thoughtfully. 

Amaya and Heather gave Georgina a “really?” kind of look. 

“It comes with free room service for the first month,” the lady added.

“You’ve got yourself a deal!” Amaya said. 

She handed the woman a hundred and was given a key to their room.

As the girls walked inside, they couldn’t believe their eyes! For $90 a night, it was a steal! There were three queen-sized beds, two bathrooms, a giant TV, a mini fridge filled with cold drinks, and a welcome basket which was filled with the girls favorite candy!

“WOW! For a motel, this looks like a suite!”

“We are going to be staying here for the rest of our lives!” Heather said happily. 

The girls took a shower, changed into their PJs, and hit the hay. 

Chapter 4: A Fate Worse Than Death

At around midnight, the girls were awakened by a loud siren. They each had two chains that were connected to the wall, one for each foot.

“Alright kids, we got newcomers! Say hello to Amaya, Heather, and Georgina!”

The girls woke up in a room that almost looked like a dungeon. It was dark and cold, and the complete opposite of their motel room. They were surrounded by about fifty kids. Some looked like they were in kindergarten and others were teenagers. Some were the girl’s age. They all looked at the trio with sad eyes. 

“W-what’s happening?” Georgina said timidly. 

A woman walked into the room. She had green skin and a magic wand. She was in fact, a witch! 

“Why Georgina, Heather, Amaya, don’t she recognize me?” the woman asked. She was wearing a scarlet dress. 

“Wait aren’t you, THE FRONT DESK LADY?” Amaya screamed. 

¨INDEED I AM!¨ the lady cackled. My name is Morgana. By day, I’m human. But by night I’m Witch Morgana! Evil 24/7! Here’s my card.¨

She handed each of the girls a business card. 

¨Well, for a witch, you’re not very good at spelling,¨ Amaya said. 

¨Why is that?¨ Witch Morgana asked, getting angry.

¨The ¨Shel¨ is Shelbyville has one l, not two.¨

¨Ah, but I did that on purpose. You see, I wanted my motel name to have two meanings. But to do that I had to add another l to shel¨.

¨Wait, what?¨ Georgina said. 

¨Do you know what Idk Shell is an anagram for?¨

¨Wait, is it, oh no, Kid´s Hell?¨


¨Then shouldn’t the ¨h¨ be capitalized?¨ Georgina asked. 

¨SHUT UP!¨ Witch Morgana yelled.
She took out her wand from her pocket. 

“Rather than putting you in the shredder, haec faciunt puellae vivere in aeternum!”

A bright blue light hit the girls.

¨W-what does that mean?¨ Amaya stammered. 

¨It’s Latin for, MAKE THESE GIRLS LIVE FOREVER!¨ Witch Mograna cackled. ¨You shall now stay eleven years old for the rest of your life! In fact, I put the same spell on me 500 years ago. I still look 35!¨


“Yup!” Morgana said. 

¨Why would you do this to us?¨ Georgina cried. 

¨Look at all the kids around you,¨ Witch Morgana started. ¨Little Billy here has been seven years old for the past 100 years, haven’t you Billy?¨

Billy nodded.

¨Or sweet Emily, she has been fifteen for 200 years, haven’t you Emily?¨
Emily nodded with tears on her face.

¨Now, obviously all of them have not stayed their age for centuries. Max over here has been five years old for only 1 year.

¨Wah!¨ Max cried. 

¨A-Are these your kids?¨ Amaya asked dumbly. 

¨Kids! Bah! I hate children. These are my slaves!¨

¨WHAT!?¨ the girls all screamed in unison. 

¨Wasn’t it obvious? Look around you. See those 1-inch-thick mattresses all over the floor with tarp on them? Those are beds. These children work for me 17 hours a day, 5 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday. The rest of their time they are here.¨

“Wait, what about the other guests?” Heather asked.

“Oh, there are no other guests. This is a fake motel, with a barrier only kids can get through and adults can never see!”

¨AH!¨ the girls screamed. 

¨Oh, come now. I´m not completely heartless. The room you just stayed at was the birthday room.¨

¨Ok, not all bad,¨ Heather started.

¨NOT ALL BAD?¨ Amaya screamed. 

¨Oh yes, I know this might be obvious but when you are here you are chained at all times! Capiase?¨

¨Yes,¨ the girls all said timidly. 

¨Now tell me, where do you girls come from?¨ Witch Morgana asked. 

¨Shelbyville,¨ Georgina said dumbly. 

¨GEORGINA!” Amaya screamed. 

¨OK YOU’RE COMING WITH ME!¨ Witch Morgana said wickedly. 

¨Let me go!¨ Amaya screamed. 

She used her wand to undo the girls’ chains, and froze them before they had the chance to run away. She made a giant sack appear, and threw them in it.

¨PJs, milk, and bedtime stories, make these girls go into a slumber worried!¨ Witch Morgana said. ¨God I hate that spell.¨

The next thing the girls knew they were in a tiny cell. All the cells were on opposite sides of the room. 

¨You’re staying here for the next week with no food or water!¨ Witch Morgana yelled. 

¨But we will die!¨ Heather protested.

¨You will be hungry and thirsty, but since you live forever, you will not die. Also, make one peep and you’re going into solitary confinement for the rest of your life.¨

The girls obeyed her.

Chapter 5: The Way to Escape 

One week later, the girls were let out of their cells.

¨Here’s some bread and water,¨ Witch Evanora said. 

The girls quickly ate and drank. 

¨It’s 10pm, you´re going to the relaxation room.,¨ Witch Morgana said. 

She led them down the hallway and showed them to their relaxation place. 

All the kids there looked relieved. Some were sleeping. Others were watching TV on their little screen. A few kids were drawing on the walls. 

“I’ll see all of you in 7 hours,” she said, then shut the door. 

The girls looked around. There was not much to do, so they decided to get some shut eye. 

As they went to their “beds” a girl named Samantha walked up to them. 

“Hey,” she said. “I told everybody in this room about this, so I suppose I should tell you. I have a plan to break the curse and bust out of here.”

“Woah!” Georgina said. “What’s the plan?”
“Well,” Samantha started. “We can sneak into Witch Morgana’s room. We can grab her spellbook, sneak out back here, undo the curse, then make a run for it back home!” 

“It’s a good idea,” Amaya said. “But how are we going to bust out of here?”

“That’s the problem,” Samantha said. For the seven hours we are in here, every hallway and corridor is guarded by ghosts, werewolves, and dragons.”

“WHAT!” the girls all said. 

“Yeah. I’ve been here for around 50 years, and I still haven’t figured it out yet. The main problem is if one of the monsters catches you, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. You must work 3am to 12pm everyday for 30 days. You won’t get to relax here for that duration of time. You sleep on the floor outside of Witch Morgana’s room. You’re also forced to be her footrest for two hours a day, and she gets to choose when, so you only really have one hour of relaxation. Worst of all, you don’t get the special room on your birthday.”

“Oh. My. Gosh.” Heather said. 

“Has anyone like, ever broken out?” Amaya asked. 

“Nobody had to this day,” Samatha said. “They’re all dead scared. Plus, the big metal door that we enter and exit from is four feet wide and made of concrete. It would be impossible.”

“Are there any other time to grab the spellbook?” Georgina asked. 

“You could sneak out when working for Morgana, but it would be HARD. Plus, we are each forced to wear a special wristband when we work, so if we step foot in a place outside the motel we would be dead.”

“Can’t you just take it off?” Heather asked. 

“It’s made of metal. It could only be taken off if you have the key.”

“Where’s the key?” Amaya said with a sly smile. 

“It’s kept in Morgana’s room.”

“What if we grab the key, Morgana’s wand and spellbook when she’s not looking, undo everybody’s bands and curse, then RUN!” Amaya said. 

“But our every move is guarded by cameras hidden throughout the motel. Except, well, the bathroom.

“Could we sneak in there?” Heather asked. 

“We could during our 20 minute break.”

“It’s worth a try, right?” Georgina asked. 

“I, I guess you’re right. Ya, YES, THIS COULD WORK!” Samatha said excitedly. “Let’s do it! I’ll tell all the other kids!”

Chapter 6: Morgana’s Spell

“Alright, get up everybody!” Witch Morgana said. She was in her human form. When she realized that everybody was still sound asleep, she went to level two. 

“GET UP! NOW!” she screamed. 

Suddenly, everybody frantically got out of bed and started to get ready. Everybody, except Amaya, Heather, and Georgina. 

Witch Morgana grabbed a loud siren.


The girls were quickly awakened. 

“NO SLEEPING IN!” Morgana shouted. “Now you have 30 minutes to get ready. GO!”

The girls looked around.

“Where do we change out of our PJs?” Amaya asked Samatha. 

“Well…” Samatha started. “Lean your mattress to the wall and go change under it.”

The girls shuddered. 

Amaya, Heather, and Georgina got dressed, “brushed” their teeth using their toothbrush, toothpaste, and the water from the room’s fountain, and combed their hair. They were lucky Morgana let them keep everything from their suitcase, but their phones were taken away.

Soon, Morgana opened the door.

“Alright, you know the drill. Follow me for breakfast. Max, you stay here for being such a cry baby.”

All the kids followed her. 

“What do you guys usually have for breakfast?” Heather asked Samantha. 

“Well, on the weekdays we usually have the same old oatmeal. We get to choose the topping, but the oatmeal itself is garbage. Fortunately, on the weekends we get waffles or pancakes. The microwaveable ones of course, but it is still a nice treat.” 

Since it was Monday, the girls were going to have to eat the nauseating oatmeal. 

“Okay line up,” Morgana said. “Blueberries or raisins?” she asked the first kid. 

Each of the girls each got blueberries, and took the seat next to Samantha.

“You’ve got twenty minutes.” Morgana yelled. She slammed the door behind her.

The girls each took a bite of their oatmeal. It actually looked delicious, nothing like Samantha said. 

Unfortunately, they regretted their decisions as soon as it touched their mouth. 

“YUCK!” Amaya said. She immediately spit it out, followed by Heather and Georgina. 

“Told you,” Samantha said. She was only eating the blueberries from her bowl.

“Um, Samantha, I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Georgina said. “If Morgana’s a witch, then why is she a human in the day?”

Samantha sighed. “When Morgana was five years old, she met Sebastian Shelbyville at the park.”

“Wow, that young?”

“Yup. Back in those days, she was a witch all day, every day. Now as soon as Morgana laid eyes on Sebastian, she fell in love! You see, being a witch she would never go to a non-magic school. Instead, she would be taught magic at home. But Morgana really wanted to meet Sebastian again. She begged her mother to let her go to school, but alas, her mom said no, for she was a witch. The green skin and distinct clothing would surely raise a few eyebrows. Fortunately, her mother had an idea. She would transform Morgana into a human every day before she went to school, and turn her back into a witch the minute she arrived.”

“Okay, two questions,” Amaya interrupted. “One, if Morgana was a witch, then how was she at the park? Two, Morgana doesn’t need to be a human anymore, so why is she still a human in the day?” 

“Morgana was a rebellious child. Her parents often told her never to go into the outside world, but Morgana didn’t listen. Using the limited magic she knew, she would often put a sleeping spell on her parents, and this spell would usually last about two hours. She would sneak off to the park and play in areas that weren’t full of kids. To answer your second question, well, um.”

Samantha sighed. “On her first day of school, Morgana’s mother was performing the spell right as they were about to leave. She turned into a human, and all was well. Unfortunately, when she came home from school things went downhill. Her parents tried to perform the countercurse over and over again, but it was useless. Her mother looked up at the spell that turned Morgana human, but what she saw brought tears to her eyes. The spell was under the “permanent” section of the spell book. It caused her to be a human by day, and a witch only by night. Her father was so angry with his wife that he divorced her. But the most tragic part of all is that since both sides of their family were filled with generations of witches and wizards, neither parent wanted a witch who was a human by day for a daughter. They abandoned Morgana and she was left homeless. She continued to go to school but didn’t want to go to an orphanage because everybody there would be shocked by her magical and evil roots. She constantly dodged getting caught by the police and still managed to learn magic. When she was 35, she opened this motel and cursed herself to live forever. She put the sign that says “Open to Child Runaways” out and cursed it so that only children could read it.”

“Wow. That is so sad and tragic at the same time. I’m telling myself to feel bad, but I just can’t,” Georgina said. 

“Agreed,” Heather added.

“Uh, Samantha?” Amaya said. “How do you know this?’’

“Well, I let my curiosity get the best of me. On my birthday, instead of being able to spend the day in that special room, I asked Morgana if instead, I could know the reason why she was a human by day. Oddly, she agreed. I think she only agreed because she wanted to get her sadness out.”

“HANG ON A MINUTE!” Heather suddenly yelled. “If there’s a permanent section in the spellbook, then WOULDN’T OUR CURSE BE UNDER THERE?”

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Samantha screamed.

Suddenly, Witch Morgana opened the door.

“Throw your trash away and get to work!” she barked.

Chapter 7: The Luckiest Moment of the Children’s Lives

“Ok, everybody in my house!” Morgana yelled. 

“What house?” Georgina asked.

“Well, you didn’t expect me to live in a motel room did you?” she said.  

She magically made a door appear! Everybody walked through it.

“Okay, you thirty clean. You ten make me food. You six take care of the backyard. Amaya, Heather, Georgina, and Samantha, you shall be my personal assistants.”

What luck!” the girls thought. 

“Now, turn on my TV, and scrub my feet. TWO ON EACH SIDE!”

The girls did what Morgana said. One hour later, it was time for their next task.


One after another, the girls did menial tasks for Morgana for ten full hours.

“Oh.” Morgana suddenly said. “I have to go to the toilet! Don’t. Move.”

As soon as she locked the door, Heather spoke up.

“Should we still grab the spellbook and the key?” she whispered.

“But the curse is permanent,” Samantha protested.

“It’s worth a try isn’t it?” Georgina asked.

“I guess you’re right,” Samantha said. “She keeps everything in her desk.”

Amaya tiptoed to the desk, opened the drawer, and quickly grabbed the spellbook, wand, and key. She shoved everything inside her jacket. 

Suddenly, Morgana came out of the bathroom. 

“Alright, time for your break. Please go tell the others for me.”

The girls told the others that it was time for their break, and soon they were all out of the mansion. 

“Okay, everybody ready?” Amaya asked.   

“Yup,” all the kids said quietly. 

“Um, the motel doesn’t have any all gender bathrooms so um, you know,” Samantha said. 

One of the boys stood up.

“We can go to the girls bathroom, right guys?”

The rest of the guys nodded their heads, but you could tell that they really didn’t want to.

Soon enough, the children were all cramped into the girl’s bathroom.

Amaya went around and undid everybody’s bands while Georgina was reading the spellbook. Just then, Samantha got the courage to speak up. 

“I’m so sorry guys, but we might not be able to,” she said before she was interrupted. 

“GUYS LOOK!” Georgina said. “To undo permanent curses, break the wand of the witch who cursed you!”

“YES!” Heather said. “But since Witch Morgana was cursed by her mother, wouldn’t that mean she wouldn’t turn back into a witch!”

Luckily, they were able to break the wand very quickly, as it had been dropped many times before. 

“Oh. My. Gosh. We’re. We’re free,” Samantha said. That word had been absent from her vocabulary for a long time. 

Everybody started cheering, but the girls motioned them to quiet down.  

“Now. RUN!” Samantha said. 

Chapter 8: The Chase

All the kids rushed out of the motel door. Unfortunately, they were caught on camera. 

Witch Morgana ran out of her mansion. She made an odd noise that sounded like a bird’s call. 

All the ghosts, werewolves, and dragons were chasing them! There was no turning back now! All the kids ran as fast as they could, trying to get to the police station.

“This way!” a boy called. He was the only one who knew the way to the police station.  They were being shot with fire, weapons, and spells. Somehow, they managed to dodge every single obstacle. 

Soon enough, they reached the police station. Amaya ran through the doors and yelled at the front desk.


Witch Morgana burst open the door and was about to attack the children and the police, when suddenly a cop came running over. He was holding a gun. 

“Don’t. Move.” he said. 

“You can’t kill me!” Morgana said. “I can live forever!”

“Not if your wand got destroyed!” Samantha said with an evil smile.

“What the.” She looked at her belt. “YOU KIDS DESTROYED MY WAND, DIDN’T YOU?”

The children nodded. 

“Monsters, attack!”

“Oh no you don’t,” the cop said. 

He wounded all the werewolves before they could bite him! He threw water in the dragons’ mouth to put out their flames so they couldn’t burn him. Which terrified the dragons into flying away! The ghosts, well, the ghosts were practically harmless! So they followed the dragons as soon as they realized they were useless. 

The cop handcuffed Witch Morgana, and threw her in a jail cell. 

“You’re staying here until we find out more information,” the cop said. 

 One by one, all the children were returned home. Unfortunately, many children didn’t have their parents anymore, for they were enslaved for many years. These children were returned to their current family members. 

It took about a week to get all the kids back to their loved ones. Amaya was overjoyed when she came home. She ran up to the front door and was about to ring the bell, when she realized that the door was open. 

Chapter 9: The Truth About Ms. Flanders

“Mom?” she asked. 

“Hello dear,” her mother said. “I’ve been expecting you.”

“Wait what?” Amaya said, confused. 

“I know what happened,” she said. 


“My dear Amaya, do you know who you just put in jail?”

“Witch Morgana?” 

“Yes,” her mother said slowly. 

“I-I don’t understand,” Amaya said. 

“Well it just so happens that we witches are very protective and supportive of each other.”

“What do you mean by we?” Amaya said, worried. 

“You stupid girl,” she said. “I’m a witch.”

“WHAT?!” Amaya screamed. “T-then why don’t you look like one?”

“Similar to Morgana, I fell in love with a human. That human was your father. I cursed myself to look like a human so he could fall in love with me.”

“Oh,” Amaya said, not knowing what else to say. 

“Anyway, you just put the most talented witch in jail. Not to mention you BROKE HER WAND!”

“Wait back up,” Amaya said. “If you’re a witch, then why are you so nice?”

Ms. Flanders sighed. “Your father died of a heart attack when you were one. We were sitting in the living room, watching TV, when suddenly he fell to the floor. His last words were, “Raise Amaya to be a gentle, and kind child.” He was the love of my life, so I followed his last requests. However, he never knew I was a witch.”

“So that’s why I was so, so rotten.”

“I never liked you anyway,” Ms. Flanders said. “I’ve always had to keep telling myself not to torture you with all your imperfections.”

Very slowly, she grabbed her wand and pointed it straight at Amaya’s heart…

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