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In & Out Burger Cookout
Makayla MylesApril 3, 2024

In-N-Out is coming to our school for Eligible 6th & 7th Graders. From 1:19-3:15 pm  on the Honor Court Lawn & Covered Eating Area.

Kim Jong-Un to Meet with Putin for ‘Weapons Talks’

The dictator of North Korea is meeting with the President of Russia to discuss an exchange of valuable items. If this alliance between the two grows, they might be able to hold off Western influence in Asia and continue the Russo-Ukrainian War, possibly even winning.

Kim Jong Un, better known as the dictator of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, has announced plans to meet with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. The meeting would most likely take place in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok. President Putin would like Kim to provide Russia with artillery shells and anti-tank missiles. Kim would like nuclear submarines and technology for satellites from Russia in return. According to officials, he is also seeking to secure some food to aid his starving country.

If they further this alliance, this could give Russia more war material to continue its war in Ukraine. North Korea would also give Russia an ally in Asia where there is a growing Western influence. North Korea would need this help to grow its military arsenal. Food imports from Russia would also help alleviate the stress of the massive food shortage caused by UN sanctions.

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