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In & Out Burger Cookout
Makayla MylesApril 3, 2024

In-N-Out is coming to our school for Eligible 6th & 7th Graders. From 1:19-3:15 pm  on the Honor Court Lawn & Covered Eating Area.

The iPhone 12 is getting banned because of Radiation Risks.

The iPhone 12 was originally released in October 2020, initially, it passed the 12 regulatory approvals with no health concerns. However, due to the spotlight of the iPhone 15 scientists found out that the iPhone 12 exceeded European Union Standards. These regulations measure the rate of radiation the human body can take from a device. The European Union limit for (SAR) or Specific Absorption Rate is 4.0 watts per Kg from these tests.

As a result, some countries such as France have banned people from purchasing the iPhone 12. Apple and some researchers say there is no safety concern, their research is just like the other smartphones the iPhone 12 is no different. For example, ministers in Denmark and Belgium have supported the claims that Apple is making and they have no concerns. Apple is developing a software update to meet the EU standards.


Health officials in the USA are researching the levels of radiation in the iPhone 12. The (FDA) which is partly involved in smartphone safety says that the agency is currently looking over the current information. We still are waiting for the (FDA) to give their response. 


Although given the health risks for the iPhone 12  it is expected that the matter will be resolved in a couple of days, but it will eventually fade from memory and sales will start to pick up again.

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