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Boba Boba
Boba Boba
November 29, 2023
Boba Boba
Student Events
Boba Boba
Kyla Hooshmand, Editor in Chief • November 29, 2023

On Friday, December 1st there will be a fundraiser at boba boba. It starts at 3 pm to 8 pm. Have fun!  

Ronaldo 99 Lashes Rumors


Ronaldo 99 Lashes Rumours


There have been rumors lately of Ronaldo facing some furious charges. The subject he’s being “charged” for is “99 Lashes,” or known as,” Adultery.” 99 lashes are touching a married woman, which is considered “Adultery” in Iran. Ronaldo got this backlash because he hugged an Iranian painter in public. All Ronaldo was doing was showing his appreciation for Fatima, who has a disability and creates art with her feet. He decided to give her a hug because the artwork Fatima was creating was insane for having to paint with her feet.


Although people are saying Ronaldo is getting 99 lashes, the Iranian and Spainish governments denied this claim and said they hadn’t issued, “Any court ruling against any international athlete in Iran.” These claims are fake and the popular soccer player is not getting charged with adultery. So many other popular soccer players have been claimed with random and dumb charges, mostly proven to be fake, and now Ronaldo is on this list. Hopefully, we can stop giving these professionals a hard time and just enjoy their talent for once.

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