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In & Out Burger Cookout
Makayla MylesApril 3, 2024

In-N-Out is coming to our school for Eligible 6th & 7th Graders. From 1:19-3:15 pm  on the Honor Court Lawn & Covered Eating Area.

Fortnite Theories

Fortnite brought back to Original map from chapter 1 season 5 last week and players were excited to play, but as they got in the game they noticed differences in the map and it led to many theories being created about what could happen as time goes by.


Og Fortnite players are thrilled that the original map and weapons have come back to Fortnite and their player amount has skyrocketed to around 45 million players. But, along with this season began more Fortnite theories on what will happen in the future because people believe that it’s not going to be the same as what it used to be. 

We went back in time to reach the current state of Fortnite that occurred 5 years ago. People say that we didn’t go back in time completely but that we traveled into a parallel universe as there are differences in the “og” map. Fortnite will also not be experiencing most of the events that occurred in Fortnite 5 years ago. As time in Fortnite progresses, leaks have shown that the rocket event created by “The Seven” shows that there is a time machine that is attached to the Rocket. 

The new “og” Fortnite map is definitely different, as there is no monster that caused the season X event, and no prisoner to create the volcano. This means Tilted Towers and Retail Row will never be destroyed. And you might be wondering who is behind all of this, and we believe it’s the skin of The Batman Who laughs. We believe this because he says in the comics that he has devoted his life to corrupting different universes and it looks like the new map is corrupted. 

Other people also believe that if they will successfully collide the Rocket with the zero point they will distort all the realities ever created. Afterward, all of the chapters will combine into one big map having a piece of each season and event in it. 

A famous YouTuber Sypher PK, believes that they are doing all of this to get the people who used to play the game to come back to it and be interested again in Fortnite and what is going on, so they have all eyes on the game. After, at the end of the year they will do something crazy and release a very big update to shock everybody who plays Fortnite. 


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